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Business Accounting Company


CCOUNTANCY SERVICES - Business Accounting Company, SIA

“An accountant. Special usage regulations :) – it
is neither a profession nor orientation, neither nationality nor a swearword. It
is a severe form of mind pathology that may be successfully used in the
economic activity.”


The company “Business Accounting Company” offers accountancy services, accounting servicing organization and the implementation of accounting in the company, using modern computer programmes that allow it to execute the accounting in an Online regime. The company employs specialists with experience in working with different accountancy computer programmes that
allows it to execute accounting using the client’s computer programme.

CCOUNTANCY SERVICES - Business Accounting Company, SIA


CCOUNTANCY SERVICES - Business Accounting Company, SIA

accounting implementation in the company

CCOUNTANCY SERVICES - Business Accounting Company, SIA

assistance in the
company finance management issues

✔ Source document verification and registration in accounting registers

✔ Arrangement and printout of accounting registers and reports

✔ Preparation and submission of annual reports

✔ Representation of the company interests during audits

✔ Provision of finance information to management decision making

✔ Organization of accounting

✔ Preparation of personnel accounting documents on request

✔ Preparation and submission of tax reports to the State Revenue Service (SRS) and the 
representation of company interests in SRS divisions (tax issues, report

reconciliation, etc.) 
✔ Preparation and submission of statistic reports to the Central Statistical Bureau of the Republic of Latvia

✔ Full accounting servicing in the company using modern computer programmes

✔ Analysis of the company activity

✔ Preparation of the account plan and its definition according to the company management


✔ Systematization of the company accounting documentation and registers

✔ Testing of the company database

✔ Entering of the source documents in the company accounting records on request

✔ Report preparation according to the company specification

✔ Analysis of the company economic activity for decision making to increase the company

✔ Composition of cash flow

✔ Analysis of debtor and creditor debts and their impact on the company economic activity

✔ Preparation of the company accountancy policy, based on the specifics of the client commercial activity


LLC "Business Accounting Company"

Reg. No. 40103767727

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Legal address: Anninmuizas Street 88-13, Riga, LV-1029

Office address: Kr. Valdemara Street 38 (Room 508) Riga, LV-1010

Manager: Inna Švendeļeviča


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